Double Cross Spies - Deception, Enigma and Bletchley Park

Colonel Paul Beaver is a widely regarded historian of the Second World war, with a special interest in intelligence and deception, he is a former security analyst who understands the world of spies, secret radio transmissions and deception.
He retired as a Colonel from the Army Reserve in 2013 after 27 years of service and from 15 years public service supporting the House of Commons Defence Committee in 2016.

During the Second World War, 20 Nazi spies were caught and most turned into double-agents by MI5.

Paul will tell the amazing story of double-agents, sent by Germany to spy on Britain but who actually worked for British Intelligence. Some were captured but most volunteered to ‘come over’ and were then used to send false information to be read in Berlin, often by Hitler.
Their success was measured by Bletchley Park’s code breakers as the Germans crowed about their agent’s successes.

Itinerary 2020

Day 1

10.00 - Meet at National Museum of Computing.

10.15 - Talk- the Twenty Committee, Double Cross & how it worked.

11.15 - Coffee break.

11.30 - Talk- Zigzag, Tricycle and other brave people.

12.30 - Buffet lunch

13.45 - Walk to Bletchley Park.

14.00 - Guided tour of Bletchley Park grounds

15.30 - Audio guide of Bletchley Park Museum

16.30 - Day ends

What's Included

  1. Expert Guide Lecturer
  2. Tour Manager

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